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We specialise in understanding your business and guiding you through the best technology solutions, best practice and best security.

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the name says it all. Your local technology partners based in melbourne S.E suburbs.

TECH Support Melbourne is always nearby and ready to help you with your technology requirements. We can often assist over the phone and also offer an on site service.

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Managed Services

Positioning ourselves as your internal IT team. This full service offering is more than just a helpdesk.

Business Tech Support

As your trusted Tech partner we'll look after break/fix as well as guide you moving forward.

Cloud Services

A trusted service provider we can get your data and services into the cloud. Remove some local harware and have 99.99% uptime.


Email, Websites, Backups. We can host just about anything just about anywhere.

Web Design & Marketing

Get noticed with a fresh new website or take the next step to include ad-words, search engine optimization or an e-commerce store.

Technology Support

Outside your business devices we can also help with other Tech. Home modem on the fritz? Trouble with your mobile phone or smart home devices?

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Joe Barattini

Lead Engineer

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Partners We Work With

We partner with some of the biggest names out there in technology so that we can supply and support the hardware and software you need. Our partner relationships mean we have access to all the hardware and software you’ll ever need.

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Don’t Risk It! Why You Shouldn’t Skip Vulnerability Assessments

Cyber threats are a perpetual reality for business owners. Hackers are constantly innovating. They devise new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. For businesses of all sizes, a proactive approach to cybersecurity is essential. One of the most crucial elements of this approach is regular vulnerability assessments. A vulnerability assessment is a […]

7 Common Pitfalls When Adopting Zero Trust Security

7 Common Pitfalls When Adopting Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust security is rapidly transforming the cybersecurity landscape. It moves away from traditional perimeter-based security models. In this approach, every connection attempt is continuously verified before granting resource access. 56% of global organizations say adopting Zero Trust is a “Top” or “High” priority. This approach offers significant security advantages. But the transition process presents […]

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Copilot for Microsoft 365

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage Copilot for Microsoft 365

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