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About Us

behind the scenes at beyond

Tech Heads

The people here don’t just work with technology. They LOVE it. Each memeber of the team has unique interests spanning a broad range of  tech from smart watches to smart homes, laptops to data centres.

We pride ourselves on knowing the answers to questions that haven’t been thought of yet. We love to jump in head first and explore new tech as it’s coming out so we’re ready when you are.

Digital Lovers

Outside work we can often be found online just for fun. With the boom of online tools as a work requirement this has lead to the very same platforms being used for play. Thumbs up to a family chat or online trivia game with mates, we can get you online too!

We never met a IT person that doesn’t game. While we may only find the time occasionally, sometimes it’s almost therapeutic to race around a track, or pick up all the gold coins. Too much work and no play is no good for anyone.

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