Windows 10 issues?

Windows10 Error

Common Causes & Solutions

Sometimes Windows 10 didn't update properly, this doesn't mean you have lost all of your data, we can usually recover all your previous saved work. At worst you may have only lost the open document if it hasn't autosaved.

Often our team can rebuild your existing Windows and get you going again same day!

If Windows 10 simply can't be rebuilt and our engineers need to complete a fresh install, we can backup all existing documents and photos before we start the process. If you are running Windows 10 often we wont need installation media to restore your licensed copy of Windows.

Sometimes this failure occurs because of hardware.

Often it's the hard drive, this could be the perfect opportunity to swap out your old spinning drive and update to a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) - this solution will give your older PC a massive speed boost and stop windows taking so long to load.

When it's not a hard drive, it can be other failing hardware. Previously our engineers have come across laptop network cards that can cause a blue screen, $20 worth of hardware and less than an hour to resolve the install and our client was ready to take on the world!